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Top 10 Reasons To Buy American Peaches!

Please join us in supporting local and domestic agriculture. Imported products are threatening our great nation’s agricultural heritage and impacting local economics. Here are the Top 10 reasons to “Buy American” – it’s good for our families, our growers and all of our economics.

  1. It Makes Great “Cents!” When you purchase peaches from US growers, you are then supporting the US economy, community and family growers.
  2. Buy Local. Nearly 100% of all domestically grown peaches are grown in California and packed within a few miles of their orchards.
  3. Our Food Safety is #1. Unlike products imported from China, US processors have the world’s finest food safety track record.
  4. Keep US Agriculture Strong. If imports continue to grow, we will soon be outsourcing California agriculture, which is the backbone of this state’s economy. There’s a lot at stake here.
  5. Be Green. If you’re buying canned, cupped or jarred peaches that have been shipped over from Greece, China or Thailand, the carbon footprint for that single peach is enormous.
  6. Support Family Farmers. California Cling Peaches are grown on small family farms by third- and fourth-generation growers.
  7. Safeguard our Stewards of the Land. Looking to preserve our wide-open spaces? Then please buy US-grown peaches, US-grown avocadoes, US-grown grapes, US-grown apricots…you get the picture, right? American agriculture is essential to keeping our open spaces open.
  8. It’s Easy to Do. Simply read the label. Check the small print on the back of the can. Just because it’s a brand you recognize, doesn’t mean it’s product of the USA. If the product is imported, it will say, “Product of China” or “Product of Greece.” If it doesn’t specify, then you can rest assured that they ARE American peaches!
  9. Our Orchards are Bountiful. There are more than enough California Cling Peaches to go around. There’s absolutely NO NEED to import a single peach.
  10. The Future of Agriculture Depends on You! As Americans, we need to support US agriculture if we want US agriculture to be around for decades to come. As a country, we certainly do not want to be in the position one day of importing our entire food supply!

On behalf of our hundreds of family growers, thank you today and tomorrow for your support!

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