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Sarah Adams


Delhi, CA

This featured peach grower has something incredibly different from all of our other featured growers – she’s a she! Female growers are hard to come by in the male-dominated farming arena. But that didn’t scare 25-year-old Sarah Adams away from doing what she truly loves and carrying on her family’s tradition of farming.

The story begins with Sarah’s grandfather, Julius Warda, purchasing the family ranch in 1967, after deciding the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay Area life was far from what he truly desired – to live closer to his family in the Central Valley, and to live in the country. Growing up on her family’s peach farm, Sarah has been working in the fields from a very young age. With one of her first jobs grading peaches in the orchards during harvest, it seems as though it was only a matter of time before Sarah turned farming into a full-time career. While starting her undergraduate career at UC Davis, farming was not on the top of her list as a career choice. But, after taking a few classes in agriculture, she realized that the subjects she enjoyed most were agriculture, marketing, and economics – which as Sarah says, “made running my family’s farm a great fit!” After graduating from UC Davis with a BS in Agricultural Economics, Sarah took over running her family’s 50-acre Cling Peach farm in Delhi, California. Five years later, Sarah is still passionate about her decision to enter the agricultural business. “I love the lifestyle, the people in agriculture, working outside, and the satisfaction of selling products that I grow,” describes Sarah.

As a farmer, Sarah believes her main role in California agriculture is to first and foremost, provide a safe product – especially with the majority of her crop going directly into schools. “California-grown canned peaches offer more to kids than an inexpensive product, explains Sarah, “they provide excellent quality, nutrition, taste, value and most importantly, a safe product.” Second, she believes it is important to make responsible decisions for the environment, land, and consumers when deciding on farming practices.

Sarah believes that the tradition of American agriculture is essential to the health and welfare of the US economy and American consumers. She reminds us that in California alone, agriculture provides more than 1 million jobs. In addition, 97% of farms in California are owned by families and individuals, so buying food grown in the US helps keep neighbors employed and in business.

Sarah currently resides in Delhi, CA where she grows her 50-acres of extra early variety of cling peaches and also organic and conventional almonds. Sarah is currently a member of the California Cling Peach Board, the California Canning Peach Association, and the Community Alliance with Family Farmers Board. When she is not out in her orchards, Sarah enjoys traveling, interior decorating, sports, cooking, and of course…spending time outdoors!