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Our Recipes

Welcome to Cooking with Susie and our Grower-Inspired Recipes!

We dedicate this section to all of the home cooks who “put up” summer peaches each year and stock their pantries with jewel colored fruits.

Even though we’ve evolved from recipes written on index cards to the Food Network and Pinterest, the chef in all of us knows that simple, flavorful ingredients, such as canned peaches, are essential for today’s busy cook. We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we did putting it together for you.


The same California sun-sweetened and golden peaches can still be found in the aisles of your grocery store!

Because the fresh season is so short, California Cling Peaches harvested during the summer are hand-picked at the peak of flavor and ripeness and preserved at the cannery within hours to seal in the flavor and nutrients for use all year!

Check your shelves for new convenient ways to enjoy peaches such as re-sealable glass and plastic jars and kid-friendly fruit cups.

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Keeping a well-stocked pantry is the first step to healthy and delicious meals. Make your favorite recipes year-round thanks to canned fruits and vegetables.

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Some Of Our Favorites
Peach Cobbler

Serves 4 to 6

Old-Fashioned Peach Pie

Makes 9-10 Servings

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